ULIM, the only institution from Moldova, repeatedly included in the world university ranking U-Multirank

For the second consecutive time ULIM was included in the Multirank-U-2016 world ranking III-rd Edition, initiated by the European Commission in May 2014. This multidimensional classification qualifies universities into five distinct areas: reputation for research, teaching quality and learning, international orientation, the success of knowledge transfer (eg, partnerships with businesses and start-ups) and regional commitments.

The results obtained makes ULIM hold leading positions and similar to the positions held by universities of the consortium. According to U-Multirank-2016 the confirmed strengths of ULIM are as follows: high percentage of bachelor and master programs in foreign languages, academic staff from abroad, scientific degrees awarded to foreigners, the high percentage of graduates of Bachelor and Master degrees employed in the region , high rate of graduation within bachelor and master programs, staff related spin-offs, art related output, internships organized for students in Moldova and abroad, postdoc positions, etc

Top world higher education performance 

Classification provides a comparable guide to the quality of universities. U-Multirank helps young people make right choices regarding education and motivate institutions to improve their performance in a wide range of activities. It is also a useful tool for policy makers, enabling them to be better placed to develop effective strategies in education for the future, according to officials of the European Commission (http://europa.eu/rapid/press -release_IP-12-1373_ro.htm).

Top performance indicates a large number of institutions and their ability to contribute to economic growth and employment. It also provides useful information to students and institutions, according to: http://ec.europa.eu/education/tools/u-multirank_ro.htm

ULIM the first academic institution from Moldova, committing itself to transparency and openness

Across 1,300 universities from over 80 countries in the Third Edition, 57% are from Europe, 16%  from North America, 18%  from Asia and 9% - from Oceania, Latin America and Africa. ULIM is the only higher education institution from Moldova which has been included for the second consecutive year in this top:


ULIM is the first university from Moldova which committed itself to transparency and openness for a specific higher education international assessment.

To ensure impartiality, quality and assessment, the European Commission selected an independent consortium to perform the ranking. Center for Higher Education (CHE) from Germany and the Center for Higher Education and Policy Studies (CHEPS) from the Netherlands lead the initiative.


Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM
Translation by Andrei BOLFOSU, lecturer