Golden Star for Performance Management 2016, awarded to ULIM by the World Organization of Marketing

The Board of Directors of the Worldwide Marketing Organization, Communication and Culture professionals from America and Europe (The Worldwide Marketing Organization, Communication and Culture professionals from America and Europe) decided that for the year 2016, ULIM will be awarded the Golden Star, Merit Award for Performance Management (Golden Star for Management Merit Award 2016).

Annual award of international recognition for the quality of services

This is an annual award of international recognition of the companies (institutions) and professionals who have achieved outstanding performance in the world context, due to the quality of products and services provided.

Worldwide Marketing Organization offers international recognition in order to stimulate the growth of companies (institutions) and advancement of professionals who, despite the economic and financial difficulties, maintain high levels of quality in its activities.

We must note that, in addition to the Golden Star, this organization grants, annually, to companies and professionals with particularly valuable successes and other global Excellence Awards: Golden Medal for the Quality of Services, Global Award for Century Quality and Royal Crown for Excellence.

ULIM, a leader in education, alongside with global institutions

The International Committee for the selection of prize winners Worldwide Marketing Organization is made up of entrepreneurs, diplomats, education authorities, governments, specialists in marketing, communication, directors of banking institutions.

This International Committee provides recognition, based on influence and excellence of products and services, taking into account the following aspects: customer satisfaction through quality, leadership, market positioning, strategies of communication and advertising etc.

The accreditation of various awards verifies the managerial and communication efficiency of a company (institution) because it occupies a leading position in its segment on the regional market.

Worldwide Marketing Organization has a central office in Madrid, Spain, carrying out market studies in Europe and Asia, an Office in Peru and South America, as well as a branch in Canada for North America. In Mexico, carries out information fairs, forums, exhibitions, conferences, as well as proofs from directors from various companies. 

University - model of progress and innovation, appreciated and in 2015, by WORLDCOB from USA

We note that, last year ULIM has achieved one of the most important awards of world excellence –“THE BIZZ 2015”, awarded by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), with the headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA. This distinction represents the recognition of ULIM as a model institution of progress and innovation in education worldwide appreciated.

Following several evaluations of ULIM, it was found the compliance with the criteria of excellence in institutional management, quality of services, promoted innovative and creative spirit, social responsibility and, last but not least, the achievements internationally recognized (,-apreciata-ca-institu%C8%9Bie-model-de-progres-%C8%99i-inovare-in-educa%C8%9Bie-la-nivel-mondial).  

 Marketing and Communication Service, ULIM