Academic Union Oxford appreciates ULIM as an innovative academic institution

Academic Union Oxford expresses its highest considerations in relation to ongoing developments of ULIM in the direction of innovation, according to the latest trends from education. That is why, Academic Union Oxford intends to contribute to the improvement of curricula, expansion of international relations and cultural ones, inviting to use the privileges offered by The Academic Union Speakers Bureau Oxford.

Through a formal letter addressed to the Rector Mr. Andrei Galben, Member of the Academic Union Oxford and Club of the Rectors of Europe, heads of the respective organizations have announced him as regards the availability of supporting the academic community of ULIM through participation in training sessions, in areas such as management of investments in companies, the creation of functional teams, marketing, leadership etc. 

Consiliul Rectorilor din Europa şi Centrul European pentru Studii şi Cercetări din Viena (EBA), decernând ULIM distincţia „European Quality”, 2007Moreover, the Academic Union Oxford has proposal for collaboration for the benefit of ULIM students. Tens of leading representatives of the international association of United Kingdom are teachers in leading universities in this country and in Europe, leaders and consultants of known international companies. They are offering to come to ULIM, as invited lecturers (Guest Lecturer) to teach required courses and seminars.

Noted that in the year 2016, the Rector, Academician Andrei Galben was nominated for the title of “Honorary Professor of Academic Union Oxford”.  For more details, visit the original document(Prof. Dr. Andrei Galben titlul Profesor de Onoare)

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